Text Box: Competence centre for prevention and management of  seismic risk

Centre of Competence by OP SESG, MES, Bulgaria

Earthquake  Engineering Competence Centre (EECC)

This website was developed to support the work of the team for preparation of the project proposal "Creation and Development  of Earthquake Engineering Competence Centre (EECC)” and  the partnership organizations.


The website can be used by the evaluation committee for further information on separate components of the project proposal.

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Project proposal

        Ministry of Education and Science

Operational Programme "Science and education for smart growth”

Priority Axis “Research and technological development"

Procedure 2Creation and development of centres of competences

           Component 1 Mechatronics and clean technologies

Creation and development of

Earthquake  Engineering Competence Centre (EECC)

Text Box: e –mail:	office_eecc@uacg.bg
web:		   www.eecc-bg.eu