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Text Box: Earthquake  Engineering Competence Centre (EECC)

Centre of Competence for prevention and management of seismic risk

Centre of Competence by OP SESG, MES, Bulgaria

Earthquake Engineering Competence Centre (EECC)

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The University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) was found in 1942 with a special law (State Gazette of 12/06/1941) as a Higher Technical School (HTS), with an official ceremony on 04/10/1942. In 1945 it was transformed into a State Polytechnic and in 1953 it was divided in 4 independent institutes, including Engineering-Construction Institute (ECI). In 1963 it wasrenamed to Higher Engineering-Construction Institute (HECI) and in 1977 it was renamed to Higher Institute of Architecture and Construction (HIAC). In 1990by decision of its General Assembly, HIAC was renamed to University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) and on 21 July 1995 it was officially transformed into a university by decision of the National Assembly.

UACEG is a reputed and preferred higher school with highly qualified lecturers and fashionably equipped and furnished campuses for academic, research and artistic work. For the time of its existence, UACEGhas prepared more than 7,000 architects and 50,000 engineers. The University has always strictly followed the ideas of democracy and academic autonomy and it has been developing the global, European, and Bulgarian traditions in the field of higher technical education.

According to the rating system for higher schools in Bulgaria, developed by the Ministry of Education and Science, UACEG is the higher school, which has ranked highest for professional division Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy during the last two years.

The Universitys strategic goal is to continue to develop as an educational and research institution in the field of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy, meeting the needs, dynamics and challenges of the modern world.

UACEGs strategy for development is focused on the modern priorities in line with the mission and objectives of the University and within the context of the dynamic processes in the public and political life in the country:

Educational policy and academic work. Postgraduate and parallel education.Quality of education.

International cooperation and European integration.

Research, design, expert-consulting and artistic activities.

Development of research-lecturing cadres.